The very first thing Carla said about my dad’s death was, “I’m up around his brain area.” (He died of brain cancer.)

My first reading was nothing short of life changing and incredible! I feel like a great weight has been lifted off my soul.

I have been struggling with my belief that my dad is really still here with me after he passed away last year, and you gave me all the reassurance I needed. I can’t believe you didn’t know anything about my dad except his name and date of death and were able to tell me so many accurate things! You were right that we called him “Dan the man” and that he wasn’t good at taking care of himself, and that power was a big part of his personality. You were spot on when you mentioned he could be gruff and could push people away in his work, marriage, and family, but then break down and show his true self.

My dad’s life was about leaving a legacy, and you totally picked up on that. When you said that the stress in his life was immense and built up in his brain and eventually burst, I broke down because I couldn’t believe you could know that. The very first thing you said about my dad’s death was, “I’m up around his brain area.”

He died of brain cancer and had several surgeries to remove brain tumors in the past. The stress throughout his life was so intense that it truly built up in his brain. He also had other health issues, and you touched on the lower leg circulation which was 100% true. He had trouble getting around for the past 20 years or so because of his legs and couldn’t feel his right leg. He would just lie in bed a lot of the time and not want to do anything but watch T.V., so when you said that he had trouble remembering to stand up and move around it was just more validation.

My dad and mom’s marriage was terrible and they divorced when I was 9, so I wasn’t surprised when you mentioned that his marriage to my mother was robotic and he felt that he was just “doing his duty” by being married to her. I was a bit shocked but not surprised when you said that my stepmom only married my dad for his money and had affairs while they were married, but that he ignored it because he just wanted to be married. I had always suspected that.

When you said he was pointing to the age *48* – I was definitely amazed. There is no way you could have known – just by his name and date of death – that the year 2000 was when his brain tumors started to grow, his only grandson was born, and he started to move from Alaska to Washington. That was a very tumultuous time and there were other things going on within his marriage to my stepmom that I don’t know. That was a very significant year for him. Then my dad began talking about the relationship he and I had and said that “I’m a chip off the old block” and that everyone knew how alike we were and what a great bond we had. So true. But the turning point in the reading for me was when he showed you the gold coin, which I took as a reference to the coin collection he passed down to me just before he died. Coin collecting was something we both enjoyed and was a big connection between us. That was incredibly validating and there is no way you could have looked that up on the internet or known that beforehand. That was something so specific that I knew my dad was there.

When I asked why my dad hadn’t given me a sign I had asked for on my birthday this past January, and he said to you “You don’t need to ask that”, I felt like he was talking directly to me instead of through you. He also said that I don’t need a sign and that I know in my heart that he is always with me. That is what he would have said to me if he was saying it in person.

When we talked about the fact that I will not be staying with my current husband, and that our marriage will be over by October of this year, 2017, it was scary and exciting at the same time. You explained that my husband is angry and blames me for not being able to go further in his life, which I believe is 100% true. You mentioned also that he is waiting for me to file for divorce so he doesn’t have to deal with it, which I have suspected for a long time. I was surprised when you said that my dad, who was basically best friends with my husband while alive, now doesn’t like him at all because he can see all of the pain and hurt he has caused me. I was really shocked to hear that you see me getting married again in the winter of 2019 and starting a business that in some way helps humanity with my new husband. And since you also saw the name “Brian” as someone who will be involved in introducing me to my new husband, I will be sure to watch out for that person! When you said that my dad will be there for the wedding and would “surprise” me somehow with some kind of sign, whether that be a person or something else, that truly made me happy, as well as a little bit sad. I’m really glad to hear that you see me moving back to the Pacific Northwest!

I asked about having kids, and you said that if I decide to try to have a biological child it is critical to my health to be monitored by doctors every step of the way, especially in the first trimester, but I will probably have a miscarriage and have a hysterectomy afterward. I think you saw more, but weren’t allowed to tell me. You said it is better for my health not to have a biological child. I know I am at a high risk of death if I get pregnant, and I have been told by my doctor to have a hysterectomy for a few years now, so I’m going to take your advice and not have a biological child. That is something that no one except my husband and I know about! You mentioned there might be older kids in my future -probably teenagers, so we’ll see!

When I asked about any health issues I should watch out for, I was very surprised when you brought up ringing in my ears, which is a problem that just started bothering me recently. Since you think it could be a lack of minerals, I will definitely look into that. Also, since you said you think I have too much metal in my body, I will try to make some changes like not drinking out of aluminum cans and switching to a “crystal” deodorant as you suggested.

The last thing I asked about were my dogs, who are litter mates. For my dogs, you only asked for their names, not even their birth dates. Sami has a cataract surgery coming up and I asked how that would go as well as how she was doing in general. I was thankful to hear you say that her surgery will go well and she has at least 2 more years to live. I was very surprised to hear that she is lonely, even with her sister around, and that introducing her to a male dog might help her loneliness. For Lily, she might lose a lot of weight soon, we may need to change her diet, she will suddenly lose her appetite, and heat is very bad for her. I was worried that the two dogs might have gotten mixed up but then you said that Lily has skin irritation, which is incredible! Lily has had skin allergies for years and has to take prescription medications for it. There is no way you could have ever known that! That was another huge validation for me.

All of the things you brought up about my dad and my dogs are 100% accurate, as well as the issues in my marriage and with my health. I feel honored to have been able to talk with you and feel so amazing after having so many things validated. Your compassion and easy, personable manner make it seem like you’re chatting with a close friend and put me totally at ease. I feel a sense of calm and peace about my dad, my life, and my dogs that I didn’t have before and I simply can’t thank you enough for taking the time to talk with me!

Jasmine Sherk
Amarillo, TX

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Carla’s reading was SO accurate that I was shocked! I mean, I’ve seen your work and know what you’re capable of, but it was like wow!

Hello. I have just had my reading with Carla and it was amazing!

I chose a half-hour reading and asked questions that were really important for me. It was SO accurate that I was shocked! I mean, I’ve seen your work and know what you’re capable of, but it was like wow! I definitely plan on doing this again!

I am in the process of needing to move, and a new relationship, and my questions were answered. I was given a very good perspective on what I need to do now. It’s such a relief to know I’m on the right road! I was even given times of when I should expect things to be happening. This reading was way more than expected and I’m very thankful to be able to have had this done! Thank you, Carla, for helping me because I truly needed it! Talk again soon!

P.S. I wanted to add in that I completely plan to follow what was given to me through my reading. I am so confident in what she has told me that it is my plan to follow it and then get another reading to continue my journey of this new life that has been confirmed to me!

Again thank you so much Carla! It ALL made sense!

Franklin, Maine


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Carla was spot on about every detail!

Carla has once again, helped me immeasurably. Her talent has the ability to heal and calm the worst fears and emotions. I need to say that I haven’t talked with her in a year, but add that she was correct in predicting my Aunt’s death related to smoking as well as an auspicious meeting with a man in the very month she said. She also predicted I would be hosting some kind of staging type events and at the time I thought I was related to my interior design business because I have staged many homes for architecture tours. However, out of the blue (or not – as Carla can see these things), I began hosting house concerts and use my back deck for a stage.

On this night she nearly saved my life. I was in shambles and when she called I was bawling about an accident that had happened at my house as well as the meeting of the man mentioned above. I was sure that I had ruined everything. She gave me excellent insight and advice about a pending lawsuit related to the accident and was spot on about every detail. She also told me about a previous relationship and absolutely nailed the very specific issues including why we never meshed and what the problem regarding his mother was causing him. This was incredibly accurate knowing only his name and his birth date. Carla, gave me very specific advice about how to get on track and what to look for in the future. I was a different person by the end of the call.

I cannot recommend her services highly enough.

Thank you, Carla, not just for the reading but for the kindness and the support.


Austin, TX


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Carla predicted that there would be a death in my family with a male figure, and all the details behind it in the exact month that it was going to happen. (Sometimes souls take a 2nd window.)

When I first had my phone call with Carla, I was skeptical and worried I would hear something I didn’t want to. She predicted that there would be a death in my family with a male figure, and all the details behind it in the exact month that it was going to happen. My step-grandfather was on his deathbed for ten days on the exact timing (6 months after we had our reading) that Carla had predicted. He took the second window or option, and miraculously rebounded, and is still living with full force and life.

Wanted to get a second read to dig in more to my future of work, love, and family. She hit exactly on the relationship I was in at the moment, and said it wouldn’t last much longer. In my heart I knew it was going to end as well before summer, but it was amazing how she read our relationship and connection. Carla also knew that I didn’t want to be with someone who didn’t have a job. Had no idea how she tapped into that information and energy. I appreciate her words and insight. Amazing how when you are receptive to the information how it can mold and shape your life in the right direction.

Thank you Carla!

Grand Rapids, MI


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The ‘object’ Carla said in the reading that would be found in my path today as a clear message from my mother. It is a ladybug!

Hi Carla,

I wanted to thank you again for your time and expertise today. I am attaching a photo of the flowers we always take to my mother’s grave site, and that she loved.

I am also attaching a photo of the ‘object’ you said in the reading that would be found in my path today as a clear message from my mother. It is a ladybug! They also have rocks all around the grave sites, and they are tan.

Here is the funny story associated with the object I would find on my path today. My mom was addicted to the game, “Ladybug” by Nintendo, years ago. She would stay up late playing that Nintendo game. I can remember going into 8th grade, and I just had to have a jean mini skirt and a “Totally Awesome” T-shirt. (Back in the “Valley Girl” days!) I had to play until I could beat her to get it.

Later this evening, I had dinner with a friend and mentioned the unique rocks around the site. She said there is a group of people out here that paint rocks for graves. She asked if she could see the rock. She immediately said how strange it is because that is not the type of rock they paint.

I am attaching pictures. Thank you again. I may make another shorter appointment as I had questions after I hung up about my brother.

I look forward to scheduling more time with you and cannot thank you enough.

Thank you AGAIN!!

Dacula, GA

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I was pleasantly surprised at the accuracy of your readings – so much so that I added on another 30 minutes!

Hi Carla –

Thank you for your amazing insight into an unknown world to us, and relaying everything in such clarity and precision!! I was pleasantly surprised at the accuracy of your readings – so much so that I added on another 30 minutes! It brought me comfort and am looking forward to future readings with you, you also gave advice on how to deal with certain situations which is priceless.

In addition –

With every word spoken from Carla, I burst into laughter, as she predicted with accuracy to the “T” the personalities of my children, my grandbaby, and my husband. It was as if Carla had known them for years!!!

Thank you,

Montreal, Quebec


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I felt it really critical to say Carla kept telling me she knows what she sees and sure enough – that is exactly what was taking place!

Over a year ago I reached out to Carla about a relationship I was in that appeared to be over. Carla told me he was working on ending a marriage he was in which had been dead for several years and he was actually worried that I would not be there when he got through the process. I highly doubted Carla, knowing how important his family unit was to this man. Also, it seemed contradictory to what I was seeing – all contact and communication with me had ended and through social media it appeared there was a reunion of them as a couple. I assumed he decided to refocus and make the marriage work for his children.

A year later (last week) I received an email from him. He indicated that last year he was unhappy with his life, had gone for personal counseling, and then asked for a divorce. EXACTLY what Carla had indicated, but contradicted what I was seeing. He said the request didn’t go well and they agreed to go to counseling together.

At this point it is still an unfinished story, but I felt it really critical to say Carla kept telling me she knows what she sees and sure enough – that is exactly what was taking place! Carla provided a reading for me today regarding this last communication. I will be sure to follow up when I know the final outcome.

Huntington Beach, CA


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Carla sees details on our new home – even when we were dead set on another!

Hi Carla,

We had a reading on April 18th. I wanted to let you know that we have since gone under formal contract on selling our current home and under contract on a new home.

You told me there would be something sort of ironic about the new house, possibly the address number. The address is 4 Derbyshire Way and I grew up at 4 Sunnybank Lane- so it seems like I’m going back to my roots. You told me we would end up picking a house that needed a little cosmetic work and sure enough, we decided to go this route and walked it with a general contractor and are getting a plan together to do exactly what we want to it.You said it would be very plain and it is a beige wonderland of boring so we are excited to get the contractor in and do what we need and get it up to our taste.

Thanks for sharing this with me, I was so stuck on another house that was above budget that I feel like I would have missed this one had you not told me about the plain house and putting our stamp on it. Thanks again!

Danielle Browning
Wilmington, DE


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“I would suggest anyone not waste their time with other psychics, because Carla does not just give you the answer – she will give the reasoning behind it that will inevitably provide needed closure for oneself.”

Dear Carla,

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for last night’s reading. After a long time, I managed to have a good night sleep! Following our reading together I felt like I had just come back from a holiday and I now have a sense of peace that I have desperately yearned for. I am looking forward to the future and not regretting any of the choices that I have made in the past. You have restored my self-confidence which I thought I would never get back and to an extent – felt that I did not deserve.

I had been in contact with a guy I had met while I was abroad and we had an instant connection, a connection that I had never felt before, a connection that I knew was special and not worth losing, so when we lost contact (he lost contact with me) I questioned my ability to trust my gut instinct, my intuition which I had always guided me in the right direction. Right away, before I had the chance to explain my situation with him to you, you stated that we were soulmates, that we were married in a previous lifetime, and that is why I had felt such a connection to him.

You picked up on his dad being a strong dominating force in his life, a controlling figure, and that his dad did not want us to be together, this was true and something you would have not known! You were spot on about his dad, and how his son did not like to confront him because it would make him sick, this was true and again I am very shocked that you knew this! You told me that he has disconnected from the world so his dad would not be able to contact him, and that is why he is not in contact with me, but we will see each other this August and that marriage was in the cards for us in the future.

However, we must go on our own personal journey in order for us to have future together, whether it’s marriage and/or even developing a business together, which makes perfect sense to me now.

When we met, you were right, I was still healing from a heartbreak, the heartbreak from the passing of my dad/nearly losing my mum to cancer/having heart attack, (again something you did not know!) and when I met my guy I wasn’t emotionally ready to be with him, and you were right, our encounter happened prematurely, but I was drawn to him, which makes sense to me now since we were together in our past life! Thank you for restoring faith in myself.

I mentioned to you about a sexual assault that happened to me from my diving instructor. I always questioned myself did I do anything to lead him on, was any of it my fault, should I have not worn a bikini that day!? You made me feel a lot better and reassured me that it was not my fault, that he was never planned to assault me, he just did it out of impulse while under water and that because he was holding me down while under water it was his sense, his opportunity of being in control, as he felt that I thought I was too good for him.

You predicted that around December I will be in a job that I will be very happy in, it will involve something different to what I am doing now, it will involve working in finance but the experience that I will gain from this will be used to develop a business, probably with my soulmate, the guy I met while abroad! You mentioned the lesson that I needed to learn from the sexual assault was basically to stand my ground as I will be propositioned by rich men involved in the company I work for. I am now looking forward to dealing with this negative situation that is to come my way as I now feel mentally prepared to deal with it, so again thank you for that. I now know there is a lesson to be learned from these sexual assault incidents and I am ready to deal with it.

I realize from what you said that these “timings” are subject to “free will” choices with souls interacting, but as you said – these are my “1st windows” I can look forward to.

Thank you very much Carla for your time and patience with me during this reading. I admit I was apprehensive at first as I feared what might come out but you really put my mind at ease.

I would suggest anyone not waste their time with other psychics, because Carla does not just give you the answer – she will give the reasoning behind it that will inevitably provide needed closure for oneself.

Thank you Carla for using your gift to help me people like me. I will certainly be giving you an update!

Liverpool, UK

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I have absolutely no doubt in the things Carla sees on my horizon (because they keep becoming true!)

Hi Carla, hope you’re doing well.

I got good news to share!

In our last session, one of the things I talked to you about was my firearms training. You immediately started telling me what I needed to know to correct my line of fire. You mentioned my body ‘favoring’ the right. We had new instructors come in and they reiterated what you saw. That, along with some of the specifics you mentioned I had to do, made me do a complete 180. I make holes the size of golf balls in the center now.

I also had a reading with you December 2016, we had a few minutes left and we were talking about my previous place of employment. Working there had both good and bad qualities. You mentioned that they (administration) were looking at getting rid of a department. I never thought they had the courage to do that but I learned today that it is definitely happening and it is happening very quickly. Glad I got out of there in time.

Talking to you is always great, I have absolutely no doubt in the things you see on my horizon (because they keep becoming true!) and look forward to writing you back to confirm other things you’ve seen for me.

San Diego


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